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Battery Power
Overall Rating
Approx Price $210
Battery Type Lead-Acid
Max Speed 15 mph
Max Weight 170 lbs
Target Age 13+

Bottom Line Up Front:

The Razor Pocket Rocket is a true miniature version of a high performance street racing bike. It packs a ton of fun in a small package – and does in a much more affordable and quieter way than gas-powered pocket bikes.

Once again, Razor’s official age recommendation is higher than the reality of many users, as this bike isn’t very large at all. But make sure they’re ready – cause this little thing can move out with the best of them!


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Razor Pocket Rocket Mini-Motorcycle Review

Razor’s popular mini pocket bike has been a big hit. It’s been featured in Time and Sports Illustrated for Kids, and with good reason. This mini bike has sleek, aerodynamic lines inspired by European racing bikes. Ok, aerodynamics might not help performance much at these speeds, but it sure looks cool.

Pocket Rocket mini bikeAs you can see at left and in the videos below, this isn’t a large bike at all. That was probably inherent in the name “Pocket Rocket” of course. It’s part of the charm of this thing!

But as the (oversaid) cliche goes – Size Doesn’t Matter! Well, not in this case at least. The Razor Pocket Rocket gives you great performance in that small package, but isn’t so fast to be super-worrisome. As with all bikes, electric or otherwise, be careful and wear all safety equipment.

And also as with other bikes, check all local laws regarding operation. One HUGE advantage of the Pocket Rocket and all other Razor electric products is that they’re FAR quieter than similar gas-powered ride-ons. Just try running around your subdivision in a screaming gas pocket bike – your neighbors might form a lynch mob. Not so with the sleek and quiet Pocket Rocket.

Features of the Razor Pocket Rocket

  • Scaled down street bike design carries riders up to 170 pounds
  • Powerful fun at speeds up to 15 MPH
  • Large 10-inch pneumatic tires for a smooth ride
  • High torque motor with single-speed, chain-driven motor for quiet operation
  • Up to 30 minutes of continuous use
  • Sleek, stylish European racing bike-inspired design
  • Twist-grip acceleration control and hand-operated rear brake for intuitive operation

Other Specifications

  • Product Weight: 42 lbs
  • Assembled Product Dimensions: 36″ x 20″ x 21″
  • 24V (two 12V) sealed lead acid battery systems
  • Rechargeable UL approved battery and charger included
  • Minor assembly required, tools included

The Razor Pocket Rocket is ready – just grab your helmet, rev it up, and take that whirlwind spin around the block. Given it’s low profile, be sure to use it in controlled environments. Naturally, as with other products such as the Ground Force line of go karts, Razor doesn’t recommend these for public roads. Good advice. Use your best judgment and operate safely, and you’ll be rewarded with tons of fun.

The Pocket Rocket in action

Razor introduces the Pocket Rocket in this Razor USA (TM) spot…


As they say – Small Bike, Big Fun indeed.

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Things that are great about it:
  • Solid performance, reliable Razor quality
  • Sleek, stylish racing design
  • Versatile – sized for younger riders but able to perform for older ones also
  • Agile and maneuverable for a thrilling ride
  • Much quieter and easy to use than similarly-sized gas dirt bikes
  • Power and torque to handle true off-road and motocross situations
Things that could be better:
  • Could be a bit much for very young or inexperienced riders
  • Battery performance is good but not great compared to other Razors
  • Low profile requires caution – not recommended for public roads

The Pocket Rocket mini bike is a neat, sleek little speedster that, pound for pound, can stand up with the best of them. It has enough power and performance to provide an awesome ride, but without the truly scary speed of gas-powered pocket bikes. And unlike those loud, messy screamers, you won’t make the whole neighborhood hate with this quiet bike. Also, you won’t have to mess with mixing oil and gasoline. Just plug and go!

Other Pocket Rocket users are having a blast

This 11 year old entitled his review, appropriately enough, “A Kid’s Review”….

I bought my pocket bike recently and love it. I am eleven years old and have had 3 other scooters a razor-E100, sharper image x7 and shaper image x10 and this is the best by far this bike has a great look! and goes extreamly fast. If you are bigger and are worried about it being too small I have a 14 year old friend that can easily fit on it.Over all i love it.


Check out the original user review here


This father found that the best way to introduce the Pocket Rocket to his child was by personal example…

My wife and I purchased the Pocket Rocket for our 7 year old son. He’s a bit reserved so wasn’t sure he wanted to ride it at first. So I hopped on it and took it for a short ride (all 190 lbs!). After seeing me on it, he was eager to give it a try and once he started riding it he hasn’t looked back! He loves riding the Pocket Rocket and hasn’t had any serious spills in the few months he’s had it. The neighbor kids come over and enjoy riding it too! I’m impressed with the speed and how long the batteries hold their charge. We live on a hill and the bike moves just a quickly up the hill as it does going down. Even our friends, who are avid dirt bikers, are impressed with the pep of this little electric motor bike. It’s an awesome product! I highly recommend it!


See his original review here



The Razor Pocket Rocket mini-motorcycle pocket bike is a whole lotta fun in a pretty small package. With the proper safety gear and in a controlled environment, it will give you plenty of racing-inspired thrills and do it in a FAR cleaner and quieter package than gas-powered pocket bikes. If you want real racing design in a quiet, fun, and affordable mini bike, the Razor Pocket Rocket may just be the bike for you.



Please note: The buyer and rider of this or any scooter are responsible for knowing and obeying all local, state, and federal regulations regarding the riding and use of scooters.


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Razor Pocket Rocket: Snappy Mini Pocket Bike3.8333333333333335admin2011-05-02 02:24:57Bottom Line Up Front:

The Razor Pocket Rocket is a true miniature version of a high performance street racing bike. It packs a ton of fun in a smal…

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