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Approx Price $345
Battery Type Lead Acid
Max Speed 10 mph
Max Weight 120 lbs
Target Age 8+


Bottom Line Up Front:

The Razor Dune Buggy is an awesome way to let your younger child (and maybe even some older ones) get some off-road excitement as well as have a fun way of getting around the neighborhood.

It’s a fun departure from the usual stand-up scooter or bike, and it has the power and torque to actually deliver on its off-road promise. Though older kids may be too big or outgrow this model, if your child wants to break away from the pack and leave the pavement behind, this could be a great model for him or her.


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Razor Dune Buggy Review

This four wheel Razor model is a neat break from the usual stand-up scooters that many people think about when they think of Razor. Geared towards younger kids, the recommended age is 8+. However, with proper supervision and training, many users have reported that this model was fine for even younger riders, as long as they wear proper safety equipment and operate under adult supervision.

Razor Dune BuggiesThis electric dune buggy has a weight limit of 120 lbs. With its top speed of 10 mph, it goes fast enough to give the young ones a bit of a thrill but not so fast to generally put them in much danger of losing control.

Older riders may find this a bit cramped, but it’s not quite as bad as it looks. And for those that want a little more pizazz, Razor makes the Ground Force Drifter just for them! Either Razor go kart may be just the thing for the younger ones or smaller-framed kids that want four wheel performance, on or off the street.


Features of the Razor Dune Buggy:

  • Durable tubular steel frame and side roll bars to keep your rider safe and sound
  • Padded bucket seat WITH seatbelt for added comfort and safety
  • Hand brake for rear disc brakes and throttle on handlebar for easy operation
  • Powerful 350 watt motor and gear reduction drive to provide maximum torque
  • Active rear suspension and 8″ knobby tires for performance, comfort, and safety
  • Up to 45 minutes or more of continuous use on a single charge
  • Max speed up to 10 mph, keeping younger riders safer and in control
  • Vertical storage to save space and keep your garage uncluttered

Other Specifications:

  • Product Weight: 64 lbs
  • Assembled Product Dimensions: 44″ x 27.5″ x 19″
  • 24V (2 12V) sealed lead acid battery system
  • Rechargeable UL approved battery and charger included
  • Tools included

Again, the Razor Dune Buggy is a great change of pace for those who want something different than the rest of the electric scooter pack. It’s got enough performance for serious fun but not too much to compromise safety for younger kids.

A couple of users show off their Razor Dune Buggy

The music on this video is, well, rather cheesy. But it does show a couple of kids, one 4 and one 8, showing how easy it is to operate this low-riding four wheel scooter. If you can put up with the soundtrack, it’s worth a look (NOTE: be sure there is no traffic when operating on roads like this).


Another user shows how he rolls off-road in this custom track. NOTE: PLEASE wear a helmet.

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Things that are great about it:
  • Solid performance, reliable Razor quality
  • Speed limits and size to match younger/smaller riders
  • Easy to assemble and use, lightweight
  • Steel frame, roll bars, and bucket seat with seat belt for rider safety
  • Power and torque to handle off-road use and small inclines
Things that could be better:
  • Kids may outgrow it relatively quickly
  • Very young riders may have trouble operating hand brake
  • Rough terrain and/or inclines will drain the battery faster

Real Dune Buggy users are quite pleased

F. Dewitt reports that this product exceeded her expectations:

After having a “real” Dune Buggy years ago, I purchased two Razor Dune Buggies for my grandchildren for Christmas (6 1/2 and 8 yrs old). The order was delivered much faster then expected and the only thing I had to do is add a little air to the tires and charge the batterys.

The Buggy is belt extremely well and because the tires have groves for off road riding, it moves over grass and smooth surfaces much better then other ride on toys. The hand controls were easy for the kids to operate and the 6 1/2 yr old had no problems at all. And “yes” it definitely travels FAST enough!

I believe a child over 10 yrs old would probably be too large to ride comfortably, but the Buggy would probably carry them easily any way. The battery lasted a good 45 minutes or more, and ran full throttle most of the time.

There are many-many safty factors built in and the Manual gave good safety rules and advice. This also was very important to me AND the kids.

I’ve purchased other Razor products, and as usual Razor didn’t let me down. Great product…….great service…….and this grandma even rode it and for a few minutes became a kid once again. Go for it………


Read the original review here!

Another buyer, K.L. Perron, found that this was a terrific value for the money!

My sons, ages 7 and 8, absolutely love this thing.

The Razor Dune Buggy is battery powered and charges up fairly quickly. I also was very pleased that it’s not too fast; my sons actually go much faster on their bicycles and I think the Dune Buggy is easy to keep up with as a parent at a slow jog. The low center of gravity helps keep all four wheels on the ground at all times (read: they’ve never been able to flip it). 🙂

Drawbacks are minor, but important to note. The motor does produce an audible sound yet it cannot be heard from within a car. It is so low to the ground that cars will have difficulty seeing it, so to solve this it comes with a tall flag that installs on the back of the Dune Buggy.

You should also consider that the accelerator is not a pedal, it is actually a thumb lever on the steering wheel, so it is important that your child can manipulate a hand brake and a hand accelerator at the same time. I will say that all the kids on my street who have ridden it (between 6-9 yrs. of age) got the hang of it fairly quickly.

It has no key. There’s a power switch on the back that the kids can flip on at anytime, so if you want to lock it down, you’ll have to manually disconnect the battery cable (very easy to do).

Finally although it is called a “dune buggy”, it is best suited for sidewalks and roads. The kart struggles to move up any incline on grass (it’s obviously not AWD) and the narrow tires destroyed my new lawn quite nicely lol. Hard-packed dry dirt would be ideal terrain for this kart.

The best part was purchasing this on Amazon.com. The kart arrived in one big box, entirely pre-assembled, and the battery was pre-charged. I literally signed for the package and the kids were driving it in less than five minutes.

If your kids are a bit older and have the need for speed, this isn’t your kart, yet if you want something for younger kids that is relatively safe, eco-friendly, and reliable, the Razor Dune Buggy is highly recommended.


Check out K. L.’s original Dune Buggy review here



The Razor Dune Buggy is a fun, safe change of pace for the younger and smaller rider. It gives kids a taste of off-road excitement with solid performance and built-in safety features. It’s a great introduction to four wheel scooters and a fine all-around choice with proper supervision.


Please note: The buyer and rider of this or any scooter are responsible for knowing and obeying all local, state, and federal regulations regarding the riding and use of scooters.


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Bottom Line Up Front:

The Razor Dune Buggy is an awesome way to let your younger child (and maybe even some older ones) get some off-road…

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